Welcome to Sticker Wars sticker contest!

Do you have an idea for a fresh sticker design? We feature a 24/7/365 ongoing sticker competition for the type of vinyl stickers that can be applied both indoors and outdoors. There is a new winner selected at random times and the sticker contest is open to everyone across the globe. The winner of the weekly contest wins 300+ stickers. Enter the sticker contest, gain votes, and win a fat stack of stickers to spread your word around the hood.

You will need to register and login to submit a design. How It Works

Design and Development

Sticker Artists from around the world submit their designs, the Sticker Wars community scores each design and the freshest sticker designs are printed and sticker packs are sold. New sticker designs are chosen for print at random and the winning sticker artist receives 300 stickers for their winning design.

So, design your best 3 x 4 inch sticker and submit it for your chance to win the contest. Please make sure you follow the guidelines for art requirements, and once submitted make sure that you spread the word about Sticker Wars and have your friends vote for your design.

Read submission guidelines

Submit Your Design

When you think your sticker design is ready for the big stage just make sure you have followed the submission guidelines for file type and size. Remember, that this will be the sticker image that the Sticker Wars community will see when they vote on your design. Don’t forget to save your hi-res file in case your design is printed! You will then upload your image using our submission form and we'll also ask you for a title and other details about your work. Once your design is submitted, we will take a gander and approve it for voting.

Vote on Designs

For a period of up to 60 days, people from all over the world will vote on your sticker design. When your time is up, remember that the time will be at random; the heads at Sticker Wars will count the votes and will let you know how you fared. Make sure you do a fair amount of promoting your sticker design all over the interwebs. BTW, the most successful sticker artists on Sticker Wars don't get bummed out about any negative comments; they use them as fuel for fire to make their sticker designs even better. Your sticker design may not get printed the first time that you submit it, so just be sure keep on submitting sticker designs and don’t let that bum you out. Oh and remember, every Vote counts!