How it works

Create a fresh new sticker design, get the creative juices flowing and design the freshest sticker  you can think of
Submit your design, make sure your sticker design is within the 3 inch by 4 inch parameters, give it a name and upload it
The Sticker Wars community will vote, peep the comments as they start coming up, self promote your design all over the World Wide Web
Win tons of stickers, cash, and gain street cred! If your design is chosen for a sticker you will get mad vinyl stickers, and you will have an opportunity to win cash prizes if your design is further selected to be printed on a t-shirt

Think out of the box, create something fresh!

Take a deep breath and a chill pill, the toughest part is to get going on a design. Think of something that inspired you growing up, artists that you admire, or something totally crazy and off the wall. If you could imagine a sticker design that would pull people in and make them stop in their tracks, and even one step further, would it look fat on a t-shirt, or even on a hoodie? Classic designs are often simple yet have some creative catchy concept. Get the wheels turning in your head, break out a blank page out of your notebook and get started by jotting down some ideas! The Community is a forum you can use to ask for advice, and even reach out and create a killer collaboration with some of your favorite sticker artists.

Submit your design

When you think that your design is ready for the big stage, create an image that you will upload to the site. Remember that this will be the image that the Sticker Wars community will see when they vote on your design. Make sure to save your high resolution file in case your design is printed and we need a copy of it. Upload your image give it a name or a title and other specific print related specifics about your work. Once your design is submitted, the honorary sticker ninja will take a look at the design and will approve it for voting within 2-3 days.

The Sticker Wars community will vote on your design

For 60 days, sticker fiends from all over the world will vote on your design. At random times within the 60 days, we will count up all the votes and let you know how you did. It is important that you spread the word about your design all over the World Wide Web. This is your time to shine, so make it happen. It is very important that you understand one very important thing, and that is most artists don’t win on their first submission, so just keep creating designs and uploading them. Don’t fret the haters, but instead use that to fuel the fire and get the creativity juices going for the next design.  

Win stickers, cash, & street cred!

Sticker Wars prints new sticker designs at random. When your design is chosen for print, we may reach out to you for the high resolution artwork. So make sure you sign up with an active email address and don’t be surprised if you hear from us. Before you know it you will see your sticker design up for sale on the site and your name will be up in lights on the big stage. Big ups and thanks for being a part of this!

So don’t just sit there…