Finally, we are here at last! All of the hard work and effort has paid off! Sticker Wars has gone live and it couldn’t have been done if it weren’t for a few good soldiers who from the very beginning were all on-board! I would personally like to thank 455er for providing the inspiration to create and develop this project. Without his initial blessing and two thumbs up I don’t know that I would have otherwise followed through and created this website. Also, some big shouts outs to a number of “heads” who were supportive right out of the gates and were a big part getting this project off the ground.

First off, a big thanks goes out to Xplode for his initial art design which inspired the look and feel of the website. He was keen on the Sticker Wars idea from the start and without hesitation offered to pitch in where he could. Next in line is the man himself, Afex “Hard Core” who has also been a big key to the success of this project and offered up both his art and graphic design skills to make this project happen. I can’t say enough about having the “king of slaps” himself, SERCH, on board and being a part of this project. To have someone of his reputation and caliber in the sticker community to be a part and support this project says a lot. Big ups SERCH UTI! In addition a big thanks to Mike Graves who has some of the most ill original character designs I have ever seen, he was gung-ho on wanting to support and be a part of Sticker Wars. Biafra, the creative genius and master mind himself, who has been such a tremendous help in getting this website launched. He has helped out on so many different levels that there are not enough thank you-s in the world to emphasize how important this artist’s work and continued contributions have been to the launch of this site. Also a giant thank you goes out to Boise for being patient with me and helping out by contributing some of his killer original art work and providing critical feedback on the site.

And to the countless others, who have participated in some form or fashion, testing the website, providing feedback etc. Basically, this site would not be where it is at today without the help from each and every one of you. So again, thank you!
Now go out there and sticker the world! #STW

AfexOne on 17/11/14

thanks brother

Nvazn on 13/11/14

The site looks rad I'm glad it finally came to fruition and cant wait to see where it goes from here! Big Ups