I have to say that it has been very refreshing to see how receptive and appreciative the sticker and graff community has been to this site. The number of people that have visited our site have been over and beyond our initial expectations. And for that we thank you.

As Sticker Wars progresses into 2015 and beyond we are really looking for you, yes you!, to provide us with some feedback on what you would like to see from this site. Sticker Wars was the culmination of an idea which started with a lot of folks, but as I have mentioned was originally inspired by the man himself, 455er. If you ever see him at a sticker show, let him know that he was the catalyst for Sticker Wars. Tell him "W3RD UP!"

Without all of you, this site would not exist . We are looking to grow, expand and elevate the game of all artists alike that use adhesives as a medium for their street art. We are hate free and all inclusive. Again, let us know what you would like to see from Sticker Wars, and lets see if can't incorporate it in upcoming iterations of this site.

From the "heads" at Sticker Wars #stw #stickertheworld