Artist of the Month-March 2015
Mike Graves
1. How did you get into the sticker game, and what did you find so interesting about using stickers as a medium?
I just started making them about ten years ago because I love stickers. It’s a little something to to put out there that everyone gets to see. Unlike a gallery where only a few people get to see it.
2. How has the sticker game evolved over the years and how has it helped you progress with your art?
It seems like there are more and more stickers out there everyday. You see their stuff and you want to do better. It’s always a battle to see who can be the best.
3. As an artist, what inspires your designs, and who as an artist inspires you?
Everything inspires me really. Right now my biggest inspiration is my daughter for sure. There are a ton of amazing artists out there, some of my favorites are Herakut, Woes, Jaime Molina, Scribe, Gamma, Emit and Os Gemeos, just to name a few.
4. The "sticker game" is always changing, where do you see it all heading in the future? Any shoutouts you want to give?
I think bigger and bigger stickers are coming soon. I want to thank Ink Monstr for always hooking it up and just killing it when it comes to printing.