Artist of the Month-February 2015
Biafra CBS
1. How did you get in the sticker game?
I initially got into stickers through skateboarding. I was always sticking stuff on boards and ramps and everything else and then one day I got a hold of a blank sticker sheet and it was pretty much on from there. I realized I could be putting up images I wanted to see instead of company logos.
2. What type of art or artists inspire you? And if inspiration isn't derived from an artist or art, them what inspires you to create art, where does it all come from?
I’m inspired by a lot of printmakers and painters. People like Mear One, Jenny Schmid and Cleon Peterson are some of my all time favorites. I love character-based work and I especially enjoy character-based work that moves beyond “cool” and has a narrative. I also really enjoy people that are constantly producing work and staying productive. Music really inspires me as well. I listen to bands like The Lawrence Arms, Leftover Crack, Against Me!, Rage Against the Machine and Comeback Kid when I’m in a creative slump…and while I’m creating work too. Sometimes you just hear a phrase that really resonates and it sparks an idea.
3. Where is the sticker game all heading ?
That’s something I’m also wondering. In the last few years getting quality vinyl stickers has become much more accessible and affordable. When I initially got into stickers the trading was incredible but the quality wasn’t always on point. There were a lot of cheap inkjet stickers being traded around and they would bleed and fade immediately after it rained. I think with the affordability of quality stickers that are available now people are going to be more willing to do good trades again. It seems like in the last few years trading has died off a bit, but I think its going to pick up again now that there are new platforms for people to communicate on.
4. If you could do a collaboration with any artist in the world, who would it be and why?
Probably Bäst. I’ve always loved his aesthetic and themes. I’m always interested in artists that are (or appear to be) fairly loose with their creative process because I tend to be very tight and structured when it comes to creating things.